We Do

SHAKE provides full architectural and construction services for new builds, renovations, and large-scale additions in the Boston area and throughout New England. While we recommend the design/build approach, we also provide services through other models, according to the client’s preference.


We believe that design/build improves upon the standard design/bid/build approach, replacing an inevitably adversarial relationship between architect and contractor with one based on a common vision and common goal. We believe this approach results in a unified operation focused on achieving project goals within budget and produces a higher quality result with greater transparency and certainty at all stages of the project. While early consideration of pricing and constructability produce significant value for our clients, we also take pride in how our design methodology as builders influences our architectural approach.


While the term “design/build” can be stretched to describe a number of different operations with varying degrees of design emphasis, at SHAKE, the backbone of our approach is an architectural process. For all projects, we provide thorough research into program, site, project constraints, and context to inform and guide discussion of project goals. We communicate through a range of different mediums, including drawings, 3D renderings, diagrams and physical models, as well as digital modeling. Our familiarity with a wide range of fabrication technologies and techniques drives our ability to provide custom solutions with an emphasis on craftsmanship.


We offer fully-licensed and insured general contracting services and project management. Typically, all framing and carpentry, both interior and exterior, are executed by our own team. We prefer to keep this level of involvement in-house as we have a passion for the craft of building and consider it core to our business. Additionally, after 10+ years of general contracting in the Boston area we have developed a strong network of talented subcontractors whom we partner with regularly.

Real Estate Consulting

We offer an informed, experienced and considered approach to analyzing potential projects. With experience in restoration and in new construction, in Boston as well as in suburban and rural settings, we can provide valuable insight into the potential for transformation and improvement.